Is looper pedal a crafty invention?


There’s no question about it – the looper pedal is a crafty invention, made to transform an ordinary musician into one that takes his or her creativity to new heights. In my humble opinion, this small yet powerful tool is a revelation that added new layers to guitar playing.

They are familiar to professional guitar players, who make a living out of their craft and who care about creating unique pieces of music. But they are not so common among the amateur players, a thing which is changing slowly, but surely. And for a good reason. And because I think it is a necessary tool to have, I’ve comprised this list for you with my top reasons as to why you should own a looper pedal.

It offers many advantages for a decent price since you won’t have to buy a crazy complicated device if you are a beginner. A budget version is to be preferred since it will be just enough to give you a taste of what’s next and to help you learn the basics. I think any guitarist can benefit from one of these little bad boys.

One of the best ways, I guarantee, to make sure you get better at guitar is practice. And not just any kind of training, but the one you do with another guitar player. This scenario works by having one of the guitarists playing a rhythmic figure and the other perform a solo. This way, you will both acquire a sense of rhythm and will train your ear for better results.

But going back to my initial idea, a practice buddy is hard to find. Even if you go to a guitar club, most people there will still be interested in developing their own sets of skills. And this is where a looper pedal comes into the scenario. It can be your training buddy since it has perfect timing, some have a quantize function so you can keep a steady rhythm, and even UBS ports so you can play riffs with its help.

In much the same fashion, I think a device like this can also be a compelling songwriting companion. Not that it will create songs for you out of nothing, but it will be able to playback the parts you’ve already created, so you can get audio feedback as you are writing, which will lead to much better results. The best looper pedal is a complete solution to many problems.

Whether you’re struggling to come up with a solo part or to compose an intricate vocal harmony, the looper will have your back. If you are a sophisticated musician, who loves to experiment but doesn’t have the money to pay for a studio, a looper pedal can be your best alternative. Since it provides a sound output via a cable that runs through your amp, you can even use it as a second guitarist, which is quite impressive.

Country Singers You Should Know About


If you are a fan of country tunes, and you are looking for new artists that you can add to your playlist, we are here to help. After looking at the latest debuts, we have put together a list of singers and bands that you should not ignore!



Heather Morgan

Those that have a soft spot for songs about love and loss should definitely check Heather Morgan out. In fact, the specialists have argued that she has something that reminds them of Ashley Monroe or Lori McKenna.

Apart from being a singer, she is also a talented songwriter. She launched her first LP debut album, “Borrowed Heart” in October 2018. Her work has been met with high acclaims from the critics.


Anna St. Louis

Anna St. Louis is another new voice that you should pay attention to. She has a style of music that reminds one of artists such as Neil Young in his blues age, Elisabeth Cotton or Karen Dalton.

This LA-based singer and songwriter has gained positive responses immediately after her debut album “If Only There Was a River”. Her folky sound is combined with a sharp style of writing. To get a taste of the type of music that she writes, just check out her single “Understand.”


Ben Danaher

If you enjoy listening to arena-friendly country that has elements of rock, Ben Danaher is just the kind of singer you will like. “Still Feel Lucky”, his debut album shows off his talent and ability to transpose his life history into his songs. What is more, just like many young artists, this 33-year-old Texan started out working in bars and did his best to become successful.

The song that you should listen to in order to understand his style and musical conception is “Hell or High Water,” the first track of the album that announces its overall vision.


Adam Fisher

If you are a fan of Jamey Johnson or Merle Haggard, Adam Fisher is the breakout artist for you. His story is unique as he and his band personally created the recording studio that was used to record their first album “The Sessions at Aura Lea”.

If you want to check his tracks out, we recommend that you listen to “Carolina” or to “Losers Like Me,” a song that has been labeled as a celebration of the eternal underdog.


Priscilla Renea

Priscilla Renea has something special that places her style of music between Mariah Carey and Maren Morris. She is a singer, instrumentalist, and a songwriter. One aspect that most critics appraised in her album “Coloured” is her creative vision and her undeniable musicianship. To get a taste of what she is offering, listen to “Gentle Hands.

Should I learn to play 4 music instruments at the same time?


Learning how to play an instrument is a challenging process that can take years in some cases. However, not all musical instruments out there are necessarily that challenging to master. To be of help, we have put together a short list of items that are easy to teach yourself how to play.



As the people from Take Lessons point out, learning how to play the guitar is not at all complicated. First of all, guitars are very affordable, and most of the units manufactured to be utilized by beginners come supplied with step by step, practical guides.

As a plus, there are plenty of online guides and videos that you can watch while learning how to play the guitar. When purchasing a unit for newbies, it is advisable that you select a product that is highly durable, as you’ll have to practice on it quite regularly.

If you are struggling to decide if it is best to start on an acoustic model rather than on an electric guitar, you should know that Spinditty recommends that you pick the model that most motivates you to play.

Mandolins and banjos

Just like guitars, mandolins and banjos are excellent to start with as they are affordable and popular instruments. This means that you won’t have troubles finding somebody willing to give you a few lessons on how to play them.

However, when compared to playing the guitar, learning how to use a mandolin or a banjo is a little bit trickier as these units have small and thin necks that require time and plenty of exercises to understand.



If you love rock and roll, you probably still dream of learning how to play drums. Although playing drums used to be quite a noisy activity, thanks to the recent technological advancements, one can now play drums silently.

However, in order to get a solid understanding of the basics, Kijiji advises those interested in picking up this hobby to save some extra money and to take a few lessons taught by a specialist. This aspect is crucial because a seasoned player can show you special techniques that you won’t learn by instinct.


The flute

The main advantage of the flute is the fact that it is not a very noisy instrument. Hence, you’ll be able to practice on a daily basis without disturbing your family and/or your neighbors.

On top of that, it is a known fact that it does not take an extended period of time for one to sound good while playing this instrument! Besides, flute lessons are easy to find and not particularly expensive.


The harmonica

Lastly, the harmonica is another instrument that you should consider. This item is inexpensive, quite portable and not that complicated to play. In fact, in no time, you’ll be able to create your own tunes and impress your friends!


Acoustic vs. electric guitars – Basic things to know


The guitar is surely the most popular musical instrument in the world since it’s rather easy to learn to play, even without professional lessons. In fact, millions of people from around the globe managed to become decent guitarists by simply watching online tutorials and practicing for countless hours.

And, while playing it seems rather easy, picking the right type of guitar could prove quite a struggle, especially if you’re a newbie. So, if you still ponder on whether buying an acoustic guitar or its electric version, here is everything you need to know about the two of them.

Which one is the easiest to play?

If you’re an absolute beginner in the world of music, it would be best to start with an acoustic guitar. The main advantage of it is its portability, meaning you don’t have to plug it in and you can take it with you anywhere you go. This leaves you with more time to practice and improve your knowledge.

However, if you’re more interested in the electric version, there is no reason why you should avoid it. At the end of the day, you should play the instrument that draws your attention the most and not listen to other people.


How much do they cost?

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding the type of guitar you’ll be playing from now on is the price. Depending on how much you’re willing to invest, there are several brands and types of guitars that might be suitable for you.

In strict terms of costs, acoustic guitars are the budget-friendly version as they don’t require too many accessories and are also very popular. This means you can easily find a second-hand item if you don’t afford to buy a new one.

Generally speaking, a decent guitar for beginners shouldn’t cost you more than 250-300 dollars. Obviously, there are items made of special types of wood that can easily reach dozens of thousands of dollars but those are mainly used by professionals and stars.

What’s the sound difference?

Acoustic and electric guitars are similar in many ways as they both come with a neck, a bridge, strings, tuning pegs, and frets. They work the same way and are fueled by your finger motion whenever you pluck a string.

The main difference between these two types of guitars is the method used to amplify the sound. An acoustic guitar gets its unique sound with each string that vibrates in a different way, while the construction of the guitar and the type of wood used will amplify the sound in a different matter.

Electric guitars use amplifiers and are the more popular choice for concerts and live performances as they can deliver different types of sounds and merge with other instruments to deliver unique musical experiences.


What’s the difference between a ukulele and a guitar?


Before we get started, let’s define the two instruments. The guitar, as most people know, is a fretted musical instrument. It usually has six or more strings, depending on the model you choose. The sound output is projected either acoustically, by a hollow wooden box when it comes to acoustic guitars, or by an electrical amplifier for the electric guitar.



Just like its smaller sister, the guitar is played by plucking or by strumming the strings with the help of your fingers, or fingernails of the right hand, or with the left hand if that’s your preferred one. It is a popular instrument because it offers a rich sound and a myriad of notes, ideal for creating catchy songs.

The ukulele, on the other hand, is a bit different. First of all, its body is much smaller. That’s why it can be a perfect instrument for a little kid or a beginner. It is a stringed instrument as well, which uses both steel and nylon strings, and it too is played with the finger or fingertips, but the effort required is much milder when compared to a guitar.

It frequently employs four nylon strings, but the number can vary depending on the type of ukulele you go for. Some people even personalize it to match their style and needs. The instrument originated in Hawaii, which is why people associate it with their traditional music, unlike the guitar which has become an international symbol of elegance.

As it comes with fewer strings, the ukulele is generally easier to learn by adults and children alike. And, unlike the guitar, the ukulele is classified according to its size and more recently, by the tone it makes. The soprano or the standard-size ukulele is ideal for beginners, just like the acoustic type is for guitars.

A considerable difference between the two pieces is the sound they make. The ukulele is thought of as being jolly sounding and a bit repetitive for the untrained ear. Alternatively, the guitar is believed to be rich sounding, and capable of transmitting a bigger range of emotions, depending on the player’s state of mind.

But the latter takes many years to master, and your fingers will take a beating if you play it for hours on end, especially if you use metallic strings. The ukulele has fewer notes, which you can grasp in a few weeks. And since it is so light, your fingers will barely get tired.

When it comes to pricing, both have options for each budget. A low-end guitar can cost a few dollars more than a low-cost ukulele, but the difference is not that noticeable. Things change the higher you get on the price scale. However, if you are a beginner, you don’t need any fancy features or exotic materials. A simple guitar with quality strings will do.