Should I learn to play 4 music instruments at the same time?


Learning how to play an instrument is a challenging process that can take years in some cases. However, not all musical instruments out there are necessarily that challenging to master. To be of help, we have put together a short list of items that are easy to teach yourself how to play.



As the people from Take Lessons point out, learning how to play the guitar is not at all complicated. First of all, guitars are very affordable, and most of the units manufactured to be utilized by beginners come supplied with step by step, practical guides.

As a plus, there are plenty of online guides and videos that you can watch while learning how to play the guitar. When purchasing a unit for newbies, it is advisable that you select a product that is highly durable, as you’ll have to practice on it quite regularly.

If you are struggling to decide if it is best to start on an acoustic model rather than on an electric guitar, you should know that Spinditty recommends that you pick the model that most motivates you to play.

Mandolins and banjos

Just like guitars, mandolins and banjos are excellent to start with as they are affordable and popular instruments. This means that you won’t have troubles finding somebody willing to give you a few lessons on how to play them.

However, when compared to playing the guitar, learning how to use a mandolin or a banjo is a little bit trickier as these units have small and thin necks that require time and plenty of exercises to understand.



If you love rock and roll, you probably still dream of learning how to play drums. Although playing drums used to be quite a noisy activity, thanks to the recent technological advancements, one can now play drums silently.

However, in order to get a solid understanding of the basics, Kijiji advises those interested in picking up this hobby to save some extra money and to take a few lessons taught by a specialist. This aspect is crucial because a seasoned player can show you special techniques that you won’t learn by instinct.


The flute

The main advantage of the flute is the fact that it is not a very noisy instrument. Hence, you’ll be able to practice on a daily basis without disturbing your family and/or your neighbors.

On top of that, it is a known fact that it does not take an extended period of time for one to sound good while playing this instrument! Besides, flute lessons are easy to find and not particularly expensive.


The harmonica

Lastly, the harmonica is another instrument that you should consider. This item is inexpensive, quite portable and not that complicated to play. In fact, in no time, you’ll be able to create your own tunes and impress your friends!


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