Is looper pedal a crafty invention?


There’s no question about it Рthe looper pedal is a crafty invention, made to transform an ordinary musician into one that takes his or her creativity to new heights. In my humble opinion, this small yet powerful tool is a revelation that added new layers to guitar playing.

They are familiar to professional guitar players, who make a living out of their craft and who care about creating unique pieces of music. But they are not so common among the amateur players, a thing which is changing slowly, but surely. And for a good reason. And because I think it is a necessary tool to have, I’ve comprised this list for you with my top reasons as to why you should own a looper pedal.

It offers many advantages for a decent price since you won’t have to buy a crazy complicated device if you are a beginner. A budget version is to be preferred since it will be just enough to give you a taste of what’s next and to help you learn the basics. I think any guitarist can benefit from one of these little bad boys.

One of the best ways, I guarantee, to make sure you get better at guitar is practice. And not just any kind of training, but the one you do with another guitar player. This scenario works by having one of the guitarists playing a rhythmic figure and the other perform a solo. This way, you will both acquire a sense of rhythm and will train your ear for better results.

But going back to my initial idea, a practice buddy is hard to find. Even if you go to a guitar club, most people there will still be interested in developing their own sets of skills. And this is where a looper pedal comes into the scenario. It can be your training buddy since it has perfect timing, some have a quantize function so you can keep a steady rhythm, and even UBS ports so you can play riffs with its help.

In much the same fashion, I think a device like this can also be a compelling songwriting companion. Not that it will create songs for you out of nothing, but it will be able to playback the parts you’ve already created, so you can get audio feedback as you are writing, which will lead to much better results. The best looper pedal is a complete solution to many problems.

Whether you’re struggling to come up with a solo part or to compose an intricate vocal harmony, the looper will have your back. If you are a sophisticated musician, who loves to experiment but doesn’t have the money to pay for a studio, a looper pedal can be your best alternative. Since it provides a sound output via a cable that runs through your amp, you can even use it as a second guitarist, which is quite impressive.

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