Country Singers You Should Know About


If you are a fan of country tunes, and you are looking for new artists that you can add to your playlist, we are here to help. After looking at the latest debuts, we have put together a list of singers and bands that you should not ignore!



Heather Morgan

Those that have a soft spot for songs about love and loss should definitely check Heather Morgan out. In fact, the specialists have argued that she has something that reminds them of Ashley Monroe or Lori McKenna.

Apart from being a singer, she is also a talented songwriter. She launched her first LP debut album, “Borrowed Heart” in October 2018. Her work has been met with high acclaims from the critics.


Anna St. Louis

Anna St. Louis is another new voice that you should pay attention to. She has a style of music that reminds one of artists such as Neil Young in his blues age, Elisabeth Cotton or Karen Dalton.

This LA-based singer and songwriter has gained positive responses immediately after her debut album “If Only There Was a River”. Her folky sound is combined with a sharp style of writing. To get a taste of the type of music that she writes, just check out her single “Understand.”


Ben Danaher

If you enjoy listening to arena-friendly country that has elements of rock, Ben Danaher is just the kind of singer you will like. “Still Feel Lucky”, his debut album shows off his talent and ability to transpose his life history into his songs. What is more, just like many young artists, this 33-year-old Texan started out working in bars and did his best to become successful.

The song that you should listen to in order to understand his style and musical conception is “Hell or High Water,” the first track of the album that announces its overall vision.


Adam Fisher

If you are a fan of Jamey Johnson or Merle Haggard, Adam Fisher is the breakout artist for you. His story is unique as he and his band personally created the recording studio that was used to record their first album “The Sessions at Aura Lea”.

If you want to check his tracks out, we recommend that you listen to “Carolina” or to “Losers Like Me,” a song that has been labeled as a celebration of the eternal underdog.


Priscilla Renea

Priscilla Renea has something special that places her style of music between Mariah Carey and Maren Morris. She is a singer, instrumentalist, and a songwriter. One aspect that most critics appraised in her album “Coloured” is her creative vision and her undeniable musicianship. To get a taste of what she is offering, listen to “Gentle Hands.

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